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As a small business owner, I personally understand the time, effort, and dedication that goes into leading a life as an entrepreneur. Our love for freedom, the desire to provide, and the service of others through a venue that we believe in is the driver behind the reason we get up and go, go, go!

This is why I firmly believe in creating a brand and imagery that clearly represents you and defines you and your company goals to your clients.  

One of my favorite pieces of my photography work is collaborating with other professionals to help them grow their business and sell their products and services.  

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with real estate and vacation rental owners, small boutiques and hair salons, furniture stores and restaurants to photograph the people, service, and products that are the building blocks of these companies.  

Together we have created professional head shots, real estate listings, printed ads, menus, online marketing, social media branding, blogs, and websites that sell.

Whether you are listing your client’s magnificent home or looking to rebrand your small business through logo and website design, I look forward to discussing your marketing plan and how I can help make all of your hard work and big dreams ready to sell.

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Commercial Food & Restaurant
residential real estate

boutique & commercial real estate

instagram, blog, & social media

professional head shots & team portraits

branding, logo & website design


All Marketing and Branding Services Include Imagery

Residential Real Estate ::    $100  < 1500 sq ft. |  $150   1501-3000 sq ft.  |  $200   > 3000 sq ft.

Commercial Real Estate :: Fees Based on Each Individual Job, Please Contact for Details

Commercial Food and Restaurants  ::  $250/hour

Professional Head Shots & Team Portraits starting  ::  $199

Instagram, Blog, and Social Media  :: Fees Based on Each Individual Job, Please Contact for Details

Branding, Logo, and Website Design starting  ::  $150

– travel fees may apply –