First Week of May | Family Meal Calendar

Hello friends!

It’s May!ย  Hip Hip Hooray!ย  And, we are looking at a new week ahead ๐ŸŒธ

I’ve prepared the Keenan Crew’s Meal Plan for the week ahead, and as promised… Here It Is!

If you’ve read along before today, you already know that these menus are made to be simple, family-friendly recipes that do not break the bank, and can typically be made with ingredients that most families typically keep in their home.ย  Many of the recipes can be made with the help of little hands and serve as a good lesson in science, math, and fun!

Planning Ahead

Making a meal plan and preparing a few of the recipes ahead is a necessary ingredient to a healthier, stress-free, budget aware meal time.ย  Having a plan keeps us from running the store, grabbing take-out, and eating more than we need to.ย  Having a plan also ensures that we have time set aside each day to prepare meals together and chat over a home-cooked meal.ย  Win-Win!

You will notice at the topย  of each week is a short list of Make Ahead items.ย  These are recipes that we make every Sunday in preparation for the week ahead.ย  I set time aside each weekend for these recipes and they serve as a quick go-to during snacks and lunches.

Making Enough for Left-Overs

Growing up, left overs were a real thing in our home!ย  They were coveted and set aside as a honored meal.ย  Ha!ย  That is the truth!

And, there is so much wonderful about this philosophy.ย  When stored correctly, many meals are more flavorful served as a left over than straight out of the kitchen.ย  Have left-overs?ย  Do not toss them out.ย  Seal them.ย  Refrigerate them.ย  And on a night that you just don’t have the cooking vibe, pull those left overs out and make a meal!ย  It can be glorious.

Looking for this Week’s Plan?

>>Grab Your Copy Here <<

This is our family plan.ย  It doesn’t meet any popular diet.ย  But it works for us and I hope it will for you, too!
As always, please send feedback, ideas, and thoughts.ย  I love incorporating new things ๐Ÿงก

With Grit & Grace~
Sarah Keenan, the Keenan Crew

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