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And, a whole heap of grace.

Hi there, you!  I am grateful you’re here.   I imagine if you found yourself here, you are looking for something.  It wasn’t that long ago that daily I found myself searching {ok, in all transparency-scouring} internet for all things that may help my chaotic life seem a little easier and somehow make me a better parent.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We were surviving.  But, some days it seemed like we were barely getting through.  Shuffling kids hurriedly from one place to another, grabbing a gross, unhealthy dinner on the go and eating in the minivan, watching dishes pile up {along with the laundry} until I would totally breakdown into a frustrated, not-so-fun-to-be-around gal and spend an entire day doing house chores.  And, all of my Mom-Life madness left very little time for real fun and time to actually enjoy what we were doing.

I found myself always thinking ahead to what needed to happen next in order to keep the troops happy, homework done, the house clean, the laundry bins empty, appointments kept, grocery shopping completed, healthy food made…and, only dreamt of a 15 minutes where I might actually sit-down and have a normal, human conversation with anther human being.  Did I mention that I stressed through all of the above mentioned items while running my small businesses, keeping our farm, well- and all of the other normal mom-worries like- did they brush their teeth??!

Come to find out- I wasn’t alone!  As I studied the internet, read book after book after book, and collected all of the trends that moms and dads were watching and “liking” and pinning and posting and commenting on, I felt like jumping out of the bed that I was laying-in unable to sleep and shouting “hallelujah!”  But, better judgement said to let the rest of my house sleep and keep reading.

So long story a little less long, I have spent the last many years simplifying life.  We have taken family needs and the demands of real life and created a system that works.  Our Family Goal:: Intentional Living.  For us, that means quality family time, a schedule that allows for sanity, a healthy living environment, clean eating, time for movement, a love and God centered focus, and the time to realize and own our Gratitude.

Fair Warning:  This is not a One-and-Done fix.  Because, Mom-ing ain’t easy.  But, YOU are a Rock Star.  And, you do have every bit of what it takes to be a present parent and a happy adult.  Intentional Living requires everyday maintenance, room for growth, humor, and…a Whole Heap of Grace.

So, welcome!  Let’s do this.

~sarah keenan

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