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Hi Friends and Happy Weekend!

If your home has been anything like mine over the past many weeks, it has been a little topsy-turvy.  In all transparency, even this super-routine-oriented family fell quite a bit off of our wagon.  The entirely plan-less days were fun for about 3 days for me.  While the stresses of COVID-19 are a very real part of our daily lives, we have fallen in love with pandemic-induced the stay-at-home rules.  We were spending countless hours reading, playing outside, crafting, experiencing our farm babies, planting in the garden, and baking…Oh, Lawd!  The baking!  But, then the anxiety of mounds of unfolded laundry, tired children, incomplete client work, and junk food dinners set in.

For us, it was time for routine.  The past two weeks have been peaceful.  Our stay at home routine feels beautiful.  And, I think it was just what my crew needed.  🙏🏼

Family Meal PLans

Family Friendly Meal Plan

Part of weekly routine for the Keenan Crew is planned meals, one week ahead.  As I dove back into meal planning, I remembered that several months before this pandemic flew into and all over our lives I had done a poll asking you what type of information you would like to hear more from me.  The number two response::  Meal Plans ❤️  Thanks, guys!  I had no idea that these were as helpful to so many.  And, I am so sorry that I quit posting them.  It is my goal to post each week’s plan on Saturday or Sunday or each week.  I will follow each weekly meal plan with recipes for that week throughout the following days.  You can quickly locate these meal plans, recipes, and kitchen tips by selecting “In The Kitchen” from the sidebar of this blog.  There isn’t much there today.  But, it is coming.

My meal plans are family friendly.  They are easy and no-fuss.  I don’t believe that when there are kids, and jobs, and pets, and a house, and a beautiful world out there to explore that my entire day should be spent in the kitchen.  Many of my recipes are made with the help of my children.  In fact, that is part of our homeschooling routine.  My kiddos love measuring, mixing, reading recipes, hearing the stories of the family members who may have passed along a particular recipe, learning the little tricks of the kitchen, and…licking the spoon 😉

Use What You Have

My meal plans are also built to utilize what we already have in our kitchen.  The Keenan Crew is a very budget conscious home.  It always frustrated me to run out to buy a particular herb or spice that we may use once.  I try very hard to not waste food and the expense of wasted products drove me nuts. (More on how we make left overs last in a post later this week.  Check Back!).  Not all of my meals are super-duper healthy for all lifestyles.  We have a large range of ages in our home.  And, we have a fairly large range of dietary needs, wants, and restrictions.  So, I keep it simple.  We make from scratch what we can and purchase the healthiest version of what we cannot.  And, every one of my meals can be altered to meet different needs.

This Week’s Meal Plan:  Week One

Download Your Copy of This Week’s Family Meal Plan Here

I have left the “Week Of” at the top of the plan intentionally blank.  This way you can print and use each plan when it fits into your schedule.  Each Weekly Meal Plan can be downloaded HERE and printed for your personal use.

A:: Adults
K:: Kiddos
am:: Morning
pm:: Afternoon
d:: Dessert

You will notice that we have a few special meals that repeat on a weekly basis:: Family Pizza Lunch and Breakfast for Dinner.  These are meals that we look forward to sharing with one another.  I hope these menus inspire your family to create memories over your kitchen counter and share laughs at your dinner table.

I am looking forward to your feedback. ❤️

With Grit & Grace~
Sarah Keenan


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