Kim & Brenden | Smithview Pavillion, Maryville

It was the way you laughed.  I knew I wanted that in my life.  -R.M. Drake

Every single wedding I have the gift of photographing leaves me with a story.  The story is always entirely unique and often times not the story I had written in my mind before I showed-up that day.  I leave most events entirely worn out and FULL of all of the good things in life.  This last statement is the 100% truth.  And, one of the biggest reasons I will always lean toward wedding photography.

Throughout a wedding day I have the privilege of really getting down to the nitty-gritty of what people are made of and the connections that have brought these specific people together.  It is always a love story.  But, it is not always just about the couple getting married.  During my time photographing a wedding day I share time with the engaged couple, but also parents, neighbors, childhood friends, and college roommates.  I get to watch children in the family play together and pets be part of the big experience.  I get to watch tears, anxiety, the putting on of great-grandmother’s jewelry, and hear the toasts from those that know so many life secrets.

Being a wedding photographer is a lot of work.  But, it never really seems that way.  The stories shared with me push me forward, make me better, and give me energy.  And, each story stands out in its own way.

Kim and Brenden’s Micro Wedding

You will see these smiling faces again.  Like so many other couple’s, Kim and Brenden’s original wedding plans were hijacked by the onset of the Corona Virus.  As I quickly learned, this resilient couple doesn’t take negativity and leave it where they find it.  They make the sunshine- even through the clouds.  ☀️  And, that is exactly what they have done.

Kim and Brenden took their plans, rescheduled a small and intimate wedding at the Smithview Pavilion in Maryville, Tennessee.  Then they took their big reception and scheduled out a bit to allow everyone time to be able to travel safely for the celebration.  Brilliant!

So here we are!  It is a gorgeous east Tennessee day for a wedding, I am geared-up and ready to go.  But, I had no idea what joy I was walking into.

It Was the Way You Laughed

I selected that quote I opened with because it most accurately envelopes Kim and Brenden’s entire day.  This couple is clearly and genuinely full of kindness and joy.  And, the day was full of gentleness and laughter that left that specific story on my heart.  This day was a micro wedding.  The guest list consisted of both set’s of parents, Kim’s twin sister, a best friend, and their amazing officiant.  And, friends, the vendor list looked about the same.  ❤️   These friends and family played the role of hair and make-up, florist, designer, caterer and host, bakery, chauffeur, planner and coordinator, as well as the traditional roles of maid of honor, mother of the bride…you get it.  Maybe more than I have ever witnessed before, this team of people came together to make magic happen. And, they did it all with laughter and grace.

The story isn’t my amazement of how amazing people came together to make something awesome happen.  (That IS amazing.)  But, the story left from Kim and Brenden’s wedding day is the glory in laughter and obvious love that these people share.  It is a day that will always stay with me in this way.

We all need that kind of laughter in our lives.

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