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Hey there, Bride-to-Be!  It’s Tuesday again- And, you know what that means!  My Tuesday-Tip!  This week it speaks to You- Brides and Grooms that have started the wedding planning process.

This Week’s Tip is Super Simple, but Incredibly Important::

“Meet Your Photographer before Signing the Service Agreement”

It may not sound like its that big of a deal.  But, with 100s of weddings as my experience- I’m telling you- It is Important.  

Here’s Why:  Your Photographer, Videographer, and Wedding Coordinator will be the only Wedding Specialists that spend the majority of your wedding day with and around you, your family, and your guests.  If you end-up not being a great personality match- well, that can put a damper on a super day!  I can tell you all day long that I love coffee, dogs, aviator-style sunglasses, awesome flowers, and laughing.  If you do, too…SUPER!  But, what if your photographer loves all of the same thins you do, but you cannot carry on a conversation with him/her to save your life?

This scenario is why meeting your Photographer, Videographer, and Wedding Planner is an important part of your wedding planning process.

The options:

Meet for Coffee or a Glass of Wine, even quick lunch.  Or, schedule an engagement session with your top choice photographer.  In these situations you can feel-out your comfort level and your photographer will get a glimpse into you, your personality, interactions with your Fiance´, and an idea of what you are hoping for during your wedding day.  Win, win!

We are booked for our Nashville, Asheville, and Knoxville Wedding photography this Spring.  But, do still have openings for both my photo booth and Summer/Fall Weddings.  I would love to meet with you to hear your plans!  And, now is the perfect time for some gorgeous engagement portraits!

Be In Touch and Happy Planning!



Hi, to all of my new readers! I’m Sarah Keenan- the photographer, mom, small-business coach, and educator behind Westland Farms Studio, Blue Poppy Weddings, the Keenan Crew, and Flip Flop Family Photos. I love comments left below and read all emails and texts individually. Thank you for supporting our family and small business. Serving Knoxville and surrounding areas. Please let me know how I can serve you.

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