Hey there, again!

A big change from the almost 13 years spent on the beaches of North Carolina, we’ve situated ourselves on a little 14 acre farm in West Knoxville; a “Suburban Farm,” if there is such a thing, that we call Westland Farms. I laugh a little when I say “Farm,” because while it is a real-deal farm with barn, horse stables, cattle, veggie plots, creeks, a pond, and all that this gorgeous part of Tennessee calls nature…we are right in the middle of everything that Farragut, Bearden, Northshore, and Downtown Knoxville have to offer. The best of both worlds, we think!! 

Westland Farms Studio provides a gorgeous natural backdrop for any type of Knoxville photography, but also houses my little indoor studio.  The photography studio is perfect for newborn portraits, boudoir photography, bridal portraits, and professional branding & head shots.

As for me- well, I have an affinity to all things happy, wild, and off of the beaten path.  I love color, sunshine, romance, and laughter.  I love inspirational quotes, meeting new people, flowers, the outdoors, and the idea of finishing a great book.  My go-to drink is coffee.  My outlet is dance.  And, aallllll of my free time is spent with my crew, including our German Shepherds, Gaia and Luna, and our Floppy Eared Bunny, Daisy.

My husband, Joe and I, are parents to seven kiddos ranging in age from 20+ to 3 years old.  I love being a mom and have learned to find humor in most things.  

 I am so grateful to have this career.  I call it a career, because most of the time it doesn’t feel like work.  Having worked in corporate America for several years before taking a large leap of faith and diving into photography head-first, I learned that there are a few things that are a necessity in order for me to best serve others joyfully and fully.  My photography gives me an amazing platform for many of the things that I love most: to meet happy people, create beautiful images, and serve others in a tangible way. 

I am grateful that you’ve stopped by and are looking around.  If you like what you see and you think we’d make a good fit, please give me a shout.  I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you capture this experience that we call life.

– sarah


I can’t even explain what a wonderful job Sarah did with our photos. Not only did she make us feel comfortable, she was also easy to work with, and we enjoyed her sense of humor. We got our photos back in a few week’s time and are completely enamored with so many of the shots she took. My heart still sings every time I look through my pictures.

a few of my favorites


 Coffee & Bailey’s

Warm mug.  Hot, fresh coffee.  A splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Perhaps it’s my Irish-German genes.  But, this perfect combination is a solution to almost anything and definitely the way to my  heart.


 Summer Sunset

A love that started when my husband I were dating. Living on the water, we spent many evenings sharing the stories of our day with a glass of wine in hand, hearts on each other, and eyes on the gorgeous summer sunsets. Summer sunsets began our story and are still one of my favs.


Gardening & Fresh Flowers

 Fruits, vegetables, and especially fresh flowers (my favorite!). There is nothing better than the things that are homegrown.


 A Last Minute Adventure

 I’m a serious planner. It’s my survival technique! But, with my plan comes the need for something out of the ordinary, impulsive, unplanned. Most recently our adventure took us exploring Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains. Other recent favs include Karaoke Night, Margaritas at a new Mexican restaurant, Arcade Night with the Keenan Crew at the Main Event, and a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.


These Two Goofs

Around Westland Farms we are definitely into all types of critters. My favs- these 4 Legged Family Members, Gaia and Luna. Keepers of the Castle, Queens of Herding our Crew, and the biggest Campfire Enthusiasts of us all.


 A Night at Home

With all the excitement and hustle life can throw at us, a night at home is often just what the doctor ordered. Nothing beats homemade pizza, a glass of red wine, dinner conversation, and a good movie with the whole crew- our pups included.








The Heart Behind What I Do

I was a photographer and creator long before I really understood what inspired me to really love my art.  But, several years ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to dig a little deeper into the career that I have chosen to dedicate my life to.  I was attending a photography conference and one of the speakers said that success was predicated on finding and utilizing our individual Super Powers. SUPER POWERS??!  Insert concerned facial expression. So, here I am trying to become better I what I love doing and I’m being told that I must find Super Powers??  Well, darn.

And, then it hit me. I was simply fixing my children’s breakfast when I realized that I do have some Super Powers! I am good at what I do (But, so are a lot of other incredibly talented people). But, NOBODY does what we do like I do it. And, they can’t.

Why not? Because they are not me.

(So, here is that “Aha!” moment)

And, there it was.  Clear as day.  Doing what I do the way I do it is my Super Power.  It is also your Super Power.

In that instant I began the ability to see the “why” behind what I get up to do every day. Photography and digital design give me the platform to not only create beautiful, unique pieces of art, but it also allows me to weave relationships with others as I get to know the individuals that I am working with, to serve others in a tangible, meaningful way, and most importantly, to provide story books for my clients that will tell the stories of the most important and cherished times in their lives forever.

Doing what we do because we are unique is exactly what defines each of our lives and is the perfect picture that I strive for each time I arrive at a photo shoot of any kind.  So, my dedication to you and my family is that I work hard everyday to create experiences for my clients that fit their needs and ultimately create images that they need to document life as it is in that moment of time, images that they will need to tell their story as time passes.

I love creating beautiful things.  I love the interaction with other people. I picked-up a camera as a young person and never put it down.  And, all of those reasons are perfect, wonderful reasons to do what I do.  But, what defines the heart behind this love is my drive to create in a unique and joyful way for love-filled people.

Hi there!  I am Real Estate Photographer, Sarah Keenan.  Raised in East Tennessee and a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and all that offers runs deep for this gal.  Having worked in photography for over 14 years, I am excited to be back home and working along side folks like you.

As a small business owner, I personally understand the time, effort, and dedication that goes into leading a life as an entrepreneur. I thrive on efficiency.  I am on your team.  I am your Knoxville Real Estate Photographer. 

Take a look around.  If you like what you see please give me a shout.  I’d love to serve you and your business goals.