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Happy Mother’s Day to you Amazing Moms!ย  May each of your days be filled with love, snuggles, and a few minutes of quiet time ๐Ÿ’•

Friends!ย  I have no idea what actually happened to last week.ย  I mean, it zoomed on by without much notice from me!ย  As I reviewed my IG and Facebook account last night in preparation for posting the newest meal plan, I realized that I hardly made any posts all week.ย  Which means, I also didn’t post any new recipes ๐Ÿ˜ณย  I am so sorry!ย  I will make up for it this week by getting a few extras on the blog.

The Newsletter, Family- Style

If you have previously subscribed to my newsletter, you may have seen the newest addition to the Sarah Keenan Photographer Family in your Inbox.ย  Before now I have mixed all of my content as it made its way to your inbox; wedding, family, recipes, celebrations, and specials that I was running.ย  But, now you have the option of subscribing to the Lifestyle and Family newsletter, the Wedding & Engagement Guide newsletter, or both!ย  If you are not subscribed, follow this link to stay updated with the content that you are interested in…right to your inbox!

Family Friendly Meal Plan

Can I get a whoot, woot!?ย  This week’s plan is here:ย  Download Your Copy Now

New to these Meal Plans?ย  Check this out::

I have left the โ€œWeek Ofโ€ at the top of the plan intentionally blank.ย  This way you can print and use each plan when it fits into your schedule.ย  Each Weekly Meal Plan can be downloaded andย printed for your personal use.


A:: Adults
K:: Kiddos
am:: Morning
pm:: Afternoon
d:: Dessert

You will notice that we have a few special meals that repeat on a weekly basis:: Family Pizza Lunch and Breakfast for Dinner.ย  These are meals that we look forward to sharing with one another.ย  I hope these menus inspire your family to create memories over your kitchen counter and share laughs at your dinner table.

Oh- and, I love feedback. โค๏ธ


Have a fabulous week, friends!

With Grit & Grace~
Sarah Keenan, photographer

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