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Hi friends! And, welcome to my little heart project!

20 years and over 900 portraits session has taught me SO much! One of which is that “What should we wear?” is a recurring question that nearly every single client asks. And, it is a really important question!

To help in the sorting process I have put together this super sweet Outfit Inspiration Guide to get your creative energy flowing. It is an on-going project that I am continually adding to. So, check back for more ideas as you plan.

The Do Not List

For me, there are not too many rules for selecting clothing for your portraits. However, there are a few do not’s and lots of do’s to consider. The Do Not’s allow us to focus on what’s important in the image and not on the clothing. Here is the short list of Do Not’s:: Do Not Wear Large Logo or Character Clothing, Do Not Wear Neon Colors, Do Not Create a Mix of Too Many Patterns. That’s It! Everything else is fair game (Simple, huh?). We want to make certain that the central focus of your images is you, the important people in your life, and the connection between you. Making sure we do not take away from the focus on your amazing crew is crucial.

Let’s Do This List

The best steps to selecting outfits:
Get Inspired
Select a Color Palette
Decide Whether You Will Match or Compliment One Another
Select Main Outfits Add Details Such as Scarves, Shoes, Belts, Sock, Hats, Bows, and Jewelry
Make sure you feel comfortable in what you select. ❤️  Super Important!

Happy, Feel Good Bodies make for the Best, Carefree Images.
Need more help? I’m always standing by to hear your ideas. And, I am happy to have you bounce thoughts off of me.

Here is my Family Outfit Inspiration Guide!  I’m in love and adding more.

With Grit & Grace~
Sarah Keenan, Photographer
Weddings & Families
Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, Tri-Cities

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