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I am so excited to be back online here.  When the chaos of the pandemic swept in, I lost my way a little bit with the organization of making everything work:  kids, work, grocery shopping, planning, reorganizing weddings and families that needed to reschedule… I know I’m not alone.  And, I have sent good vibes among good vibes out in hopes that everyone is finding their way in this new world.  ✨  So, here we are.  I’m jumping back into everything here with high hopes that we can get back together over laughs, champagne, and pictures very soon.

One of the most common questions asked by my Boudoir Photography Clients is, “What should I wear for my boudoir pictures?”

The short answer is:: There is no Right or Wrong thing to wear for boudoir.  But, there are a few ideas that I hope will spark some imagination and help you put together your most flattering boudoir wardrobe!

I’ve made lists to help guide you.  But, do keep in mind that there really is not a right or a wrong way to dress (or, undress) for your Boudoir Session.  This is a celebration of you.

One question to ask yourself is: What parts of my body do I want to accentuate and which parts would I rather not show-off?  Determining this can help narrow down your selection of clothing to what covers, or doesn’t cover, you up. ✨

Corset- One of my favorite pieces for most women, the corset will hide all of your sensitive areas while accentuating your feminine form.  This item tops the list of items I recommend woman bring along as part of the Boudoir outfit choices.

Under Bust Corset- Same as the corset but more revealing, the under bust draws attention to your chest while simultaneously contouring your torso. This is the perfect solution for women worried about their tummy but who love their boobs!

Babydoll Gown-Drawing attention to your chest and providing support, the babydoll is basically a flowey lingerie mini dress. Seriously effective tool every plus size women should consider.

Teddy & Chemise-These pieces show off your chest while shaping your overall form and giving your tummy cover. Very effective for all body types.

Lace Gown-Lace gowns are practically magic and something all women should bring along for their Boudoir Photo Shoot!  My second Fav on the Outfits List!

High Waist Panties – One of my favorite ways to hide the lower stomach while still showing some skin below the bra line. This is one of one of my go to tips for moms that get the lower ab separation and or stretch marks after childbirth. {Right there with you, Mama 😉}

Sweaters, T-Shirts, and Tank Tops- A Sweater and your favorite pair of panties… Ummm yes please!  Or, that thin soft T-Shirt 🔥

Sport Coat- Get creative! Borrow your Partner’s or hit the business section of your favorite clothing shop.  This is a sexy option for a more conservative client.  And, a creative option to conceal your tummy while still showing off your chest.

Bras- Oh the options!  Push-up Bras, Balcony Bras, Bralettes…Make certain you are getting nice support.  We want those ta-tas lifted and showing a little cleavage.

The White Button-up Shirt- 🔥 Enough Said!

Scarves and Feather Boas- These are a great addition to any other piece of lingerie, but also are perfect on their own.

Robes- Perfect for a sexy peek-a-boo while covering upper arms or legs.  A thin material is preferred for a robe: silk or light cotton 💕

Don’t forget your bottom half!  Lace Stockings, Fishnet Stockings, Thigh-High Socks, Garter Belts, Your favorite Jeans, Panties (especially a pair or two that match your tops🔥)

And, heels!  Don’t forget a pair or two if some super sexy heels.  Looking to go out of your normal comfort zone?  This is where to take that jump.  High heels lengthen legs and create a more powerful curve and body image.  So grab a pair that looks sexy to you and let’s rock them!

Bridal Boudoir

If you are booking bridal boudoir, please still get excited and prepare a few of the ideas above.  But, also think wedding day lingerie and honeymoon style nightware.

Have a different idea, but unsure?  Shoot me a text or email me.  I LOVE chatting plans!

With Grit & Grace~

Sarah Keenan, photographer
Westland Farms Studio
Knoxville Boudoir Photographer
(865) 599-4652

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